Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Dude Words #1

This one is more sweet than wise but also so appropriate with April 15th looming.

"You are the best Mommy ever and I'll do everything for you...  I'll just need a little help with the taxes."


Aki said...

Love the idea, Carrie!!! I've been writing on a little diary when Katarina comes up with something funny. Today, she was recovering from her cold and I asked her if she was going to skip her egg hunting event at school. She answered: "I will skip, it is just plastic eggs, anyways..."

DoodleZ said...

Oh my! No, plastic eggs just won't do... I'm glad you're writing them down. I didn't know if anyone else did it or not. I've only written down around 1 in every 100 things I should have. Maybe it will help us remember if we share them here.

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